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Dezhou Chuangyu Automobile Industry Co., Ltd. is located in Ningjin County, which is known as "Cricket County", "Hardware and Machinery Industry City", "Town of Solid Wood Furniture" and "Town of Folk Art". It is located in the center of Beijing, Tianjin, Shijian and Jicheng metropolitan circles. Its advantageous geographical position and great development space create a favorable environment for the development of the company. Founded in 2006, the company is committed to the research and production of hardware accessories and mechanical accessories. The products independently developed mainly include fuel tank series, muffler series, washing series and so on. Products with its specialization, reliability in the industry has established a good reputation and visibility.

In 2017, in order to meet the market demand, we set up the R&D and production center of Youshun Steam Cleaner. YQ-ZQ-4188 steam car washing products developed by the center save water and electricity, save energy and environmental protection, and have a wide range of applications. Its unique thermal decomposition function can quickly eliminate deposits of oil, grease and various stains, while removing bacteria

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Hot Keyword:Fuel tank, oil outlet, oil pump, muffler, blow moulding, stamping, stainless steel, electric three-wheel fittings, excellent submersible steam cleaner
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